Emily Felsheim

Photographer and Entrepreneur

WCC deliberately and unapologetically thrust me into challenging environments: backpacking through rugged mountain terrain, engaging in intellectual landscapes created by masters of thought, working with horses on the ranch, grappling with the most profound questions regarding the purpose of human existence.

This unique education taught me that we cannot change the reality of our environment, landscape, or current situation; but we can allow ourselves to be changed as we interact with it. We can choose to see our lives as a constant struggle, or as an invigorating challenge; we can decide to view our work as necessary drudgery, or as a means of expressing our creative purpose; we can make the decision to read unexpected changes in life as an attack on our comfortable routine, or as new opportunities for growth.

My experience at WCC strengthened my belief that I can navigate challenging environments and master complex subjects. I grew accustomed to stretch myself in all ways, to continually face and move beyond my fears, to develop confidence in my own abilities. This gave me the courage and freedom to step off a traditional career path and become an entrepreneur, seeing the world of business and exchange like a mountain landscape to be explored or a Great Book to be studied.

I apply my perspective learned at WCC to the marketplace, whether I am conducting a photo shoot with clients, analyzing the stock market for high-probability trades, or thinking about what businesses to create that will solve problems and serve the needs of others. Economic markets have cycles and seasons, just like the natural world. And we can choose how we behave in these seasons: in an economic winter, we can either grumble about the cold, or we can learn how to ski.

I’m so glad that WCC has taught me how to ski.

Emily’s recent photography work can be seen on her website and Instagram.