Elizabeth “Betz” Meluch

Admissions Officer

B.A. (Liberal Arts), Wyoming Catholic College


Elizabeth Meluch, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Drawn to Wyoming Catholic by the unique pairing of the wild and the Great Books, Betz graduated from WCC in 2018. She especially loved the horsemanship, philosophy, and wilderness aspects of the curriculum and hopes to make each a lifelong pursuit. Since graduation, Betz has been instructing kids in Equine Assisted Therapy, making artisanal chocolate, and working towards certifying as a doula. Betz’s experience Instructing for COR and College outdoor trips has been deeply rewarding and she plans to continue spending time with students in the field. As the backcountry brings out both the serious and the ridiculous in students, Betz treasures the opportunity to better understand healing, strength, and human nature. She takes great joy in making bread, skiing, live music, Russian literature, seeing moose, and being barefoot.

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