Catherine Sergeant

Class of 2024

Hometown: Sydney, MI

All-time highlight so far: One of the highlights of my time at school has been the sophomore dance which was put on by my own class this year. It was amazing to see everyone contribute their strengths to have the best dance possible.

Favorite outdoor trip memory: On Leader week while eating lunch, our instructor asked if we were ready for an adventure. The group responded with a half-hearted yes and then Dr. Zimmer, our instructor, ran into a slot canyon. The rest of us threw aside our lunch to chase him into the canyon and embrace this spontaneous exploration.

You would never guess that one thing that always puts a smile on my face is cheese. I love cheese’s variety in flavor and form. I think G.K Chesterton said it best when  “You are not approaching Nature in one of her myriad tints of mood, as in the holy act of eating cheese.”