Cate Sergeant

Where is your hometown?
Grand Rapids, Michigan.

All-time highlight of Wyoming Catholic?
In the muddle of class, homework, and keeping up with commitments, it is easy to let this education become rushed and stressful. My absolute highlights from my time at school are when the education slows down for a moment and becomes crystal clear. Moments like these happen in class when the text becomes clear, in writing a paper when you finally say what you wanted to say, or on an outdoor trip when the beauty of creation strikes you. These moments by far are my favorite memories.

Favorite outdoor trip memory?
Out of many outdoor trips, packrafting down the Green River in Utah has been my favorite. Picture this: sitting every day in your own raft with the bright Utah sun warming you as you leisurely paddle through red sandstone canyons. Often when the winter days get cold here in Wyoming, I think longingly back to sitting in my yellow packraft and working on my tan.

What’s your favorite class, and why?
My favorite class has been Junior Author Project because we get to really focus on and improve our writing.

What’s a little-known fact about you?
One thing not many people know about me is that I play the saxophone. I was in band for 11 years and did jazz band for 6 years.