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Carolyn Crabtree

Catechetical Consultant and Coordinator, Diocese of Steubenville

The day I put pen to paper and signed my Wyoming Catholic College commitment form, I had no idea what amazing things God had in store for me. Now, looking back at four years of rigorous intellectual formation, challenging outdoor adventures, and the close companionship of so many that I am happy (and honored) to call my friends, I can see God’s blessing hand extended to me through every little detail. Those four years helped to prepare me for what I’m doing today, working for the Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio as a Catechetical Consultant and Coordinator.

I enjoy my work so much! My main responsibility is coordinating and ensuring that all the catechists throughout the Diocese receive ongoing formation, which means that I am tasked not only with coordinating seminars and formation opportunities for catechists, but that I am expected (and blessed) to give talks about catechesis myself! The years of dialogue and rhetoric at Wyoming Catholic serve me well in these cases. Even during my first seminar, faced with unfamiliar faces, I was still able to speak from my heart with joyful confidence. Even more than the rhetoric and Socratic method of discussion I experienced there, the theological formation I received helps me to pass on the tenets and principles of our Faith with confidence and integrity.

Yet another way I was prepared for my job (and for all of life) while at Wyoming Catholic College was in being shaped into a more vibrant, life-filled individual—through studies, community, and the outdoor challenges. Studying the Great Books and the great thoughts of their authors enkindles and helps you to recognize your own desires. They help you to see the things that make us truly happy, both in this life and the next. The Outdoor Program teaches you valuable skills and builds up your confidence, and the entire college community encourages, supports and guides you.

Wyoming Catholic College helped make me the person I am today: someone who, by God’s grace,  has the self-reflection to recognize, the confidence to pursue, and the friends to support me as I follow my hopes and aspirations.

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