Caitlin Duggan

Class of 2024

Hometown: Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada

All-time highlight so far: One of the biggest highlights of my time here as a student was when a small group of us ladies got together on St. Lucia’s Feast day, the night before our Math final, and toured around in the cold dark that is a Wyoming December, being “angels” to all the faculties’ young children.

Favorite outdoor trip memory: My favourite outdoor memory took place on a desert backpacking trip when we had a layover day and a couple hours to spare.  My entire group sat in a circle on the top of a massive rock and told/ attempted to solve riddle games well into the night.

You would never guess that I’m most at home wearing a pair of gumboots, which might have been brought about because I started milking cows at the grand ol’ age of 7!