Anthony Jones

Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, Baylor University; Policy Contractor, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Without a doubt, my Wyoming Catholic College education refined my capacity to learn well, both inside and outside the classroom. Particularly in the political world, employers actively seek to hire people who are adept at overcoming challenges, careful thinkers, articulate communicators, and successful collaborators. Thankfully, these qualities are all associated with rigorous liberal arts degrees, so my possession of one automatically made me more attractive to employers and graduate school admissions teams.

While so much about modern culture tries to displace my notion of the common good, both in politics and the works of misguided philosophers, this education rooted my priorities in truth, on both intellectual and experiential levels. Thus grounded in reality, I am better able to wade into the murky waters of this world without fearing for my soul.

My political work is a natural fruition of the college’s mission to produce ‘the truly free man who, because he possesses the intellectual, moral, and theological virtues, can direct himself—with God’s grace—to his proper end.’ My proper end is still a long way off—please God, may it come—but in the meantime, I am honored to help realize his Kingdom in my community.

Anthony further explores the ideas and habits he acquired while at Wyoming Catholic (and the profound impact they’ve had on his life) in an article produced for the College’s website: “Free Man and the Civil Order:” A Conversation with Anthony Jones (‘21).