Inspired by recent conversations about the National Eucharistic Revival and the importance of returning the Eucharist to the center of our Catholic faith and practices, Wyoming Catholic College’s president, Professor Kyle Washut, and her Academic Dean, Dr. Jeremy Holmes, have launched a new podcast: “The Eucharist with Wyoming Catholic College.”

“There are so many excellent conversations taking place right now about the Eucharist and its central role in the lives of all Catholics,” said President Washut. “And I believe that the perspective Wyoming Catholic can bring to that conversation is a helpful one. In addition to the rich liturgical sense of the Eucharist that our students develop through experiencing both the Roman and Byzantine rites,” continued Washut, “there’s a wonderful sense of ‘Eucharist as wilderness meal’ that I think is an often-overlooked part of our understanding. And life at WCC is perfect for reminding us of that!”

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