“The Classical Roots of
American Liberty”

When American Founders James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay entered college as freshmen, they had already mastered Greek and Latin, read Cicero, Virgil, and other authors of antiquity and were adept at translating New Testament texts from the original Greek—into Latin. Once in college, they continued their study of what we now call The Great Books.

Years after graduating, Madison, Hamilton, and Jay authored The Federalist Papers describing the nature, the limits, and the benefits of the U. S. Constitution and the experiment in ordered liberty it represented.

How much did the books they read and studied in college influence their practical and philosophical understanding of American liberty? The answer is: an enormous amount.

Join Wyoming Catholic College professors Dr. Glenn Arbery, Dr. Virginia Arbery, Dr. Pavlos Papadopoulos, Dr. James Tonkowich, and Prof. Kyle Washut as they discuss how the great authors of the past influenced the Founders and how that influence continues to our own day.

All lectures will be available online allowing you to listen at the Wyoming Catholic College website or download the lectures to listen in your car, home, or while out walking the dog. In order to access the lectures, please register below