Open House Schedule

Working schedule

Friday, October 9th


7:30 am                   Breakfast

8:15 am                   Arrive and orientation           

8:30 am                  Classes

10:00 am                Classes

11:35 am                  Mass at Holy Rosary

1:00 pm                  Classes

12:30 pm                Lunch

1:15 pm                   Classes

5:30 pm                  Dinner and/or closing remarks

7:00 pm                  Evening Event


Saturday, October 10th

7:30 am                  Mass

8:15 am                  Breakfast and President’s Welcome        

9:15 am                  An OLP orientation with Dr. Dziad

10:00 am               Safety training, divide and organize outdoor groups

  •       Climbing
  •       Horse ride at ranch
  •       Hiking

2:00 pm        Groups return to campus

2:30 pm                 Panel Discussion

4:00 pm                 The Compelling Application:  A Toolbox for Families

5:00 pm                 Optional Vigil Mass 

6:30 pm                 Banquet and President’s Remarks

7:30 pm                 Evening event for parents, stargazing for students and siblings


Sunday, October 11th

8:00 am                  Mass or Second Adventure   

9:15 am                  Brunch starts

12:30 pm               Grab-n-go lunch, official college programming ends