Counselor Quotations

PEAK was the single greatest reason I chose to attend Wyoming Catholic College. Sure, I read about the school online and in the Newman Guide; I heard about it from your mom plenty; I also watched some promotional videos. But the promise of PEAK is to give a little taste of life at WCC. PEAK was true to this promise. The community life, the academics, and the outdoors experience have now, in a way that I could have never imagined six years ago, become essential pillars to my life.
~ Henry C. (’18)
Swanton, OH

When you come to WCC, you don’t just get the book-learning knowledge, nor do you simply get a fun-filled adventure/vacation. Instead we give Philosophy and Theology classes coupled with climbing and canoeing. As a counselor, I am excited to introduce to high-school students the value of a balanced life by having fun with them and teaching them. But I’m also a fellow adventurer, and I look forward to the new challenges PEAK will present to each participant!
~ Will E. (’19)
Whitehouse, OH

When I came to PEAK 2013, I didn’t have any idea what to expect. I’m the oldest in my family, so college was a new idea. Through the counselors, I learned what it was like to be in college. I realized that even if you’ve read every piece of information about this school, like I did, you still can’t understand how the place works until you have visited. PEAK gives you an in-depth look experience of our community, and I am excited to help you discover what makes WCC unique!
~ Amelia G. (’18)
Stafford, VA

PEAK was one of the best experiences I had in high school. Students are immersed with each other in the integration of the education of mind, body, and spirit; it’s startling and powerful and continues to have incredible effects on me. I cannot wait to be on the other end of this experience and do all I can to make it as wholesome and fun for others as it was for me.
~ Catherine M. (’19)
Taylors, SC

I am so excited to give the students this year the opportunities to experience nature rather than just see it; to discover how much we are capable of when we take a step out of our comfort zone; and to participate in excellent conversations about theology, philosophy, and humanities.
~ Mary T. (’18)
Anza, CA

I am thrilled to be a counselor for PEAK this year because I want to be a part of that experience which, for me as a high-school student, was both formative and fantastic in a very tangible way. PEAK students suddenly find themselves in close contact with reality and this can expand their horizons in every direction. I am excited for each conversation, for the moment when students realize the connection between beauty, as it is understood in class, expressed in Mass, and experienced in God’s creation.
~ Graciela R. (’18)
Key West, FL

I attended PEAK in 2014, and came away/left inspired by the Great Books and the culture I found at WCC. The community was so different than what I had experienced before–there were people my age who challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, supported me in my faith, and desired to have deep intellectual conversations with me. The two weeks were also filled with laughter, both in the classroom and outside. I want to give this year’s students an opportunity to meet new people, broaden their minds, and experience the faith in a profound way.
~Izabela Z. (’19)
Ashland, OR

I love leading new students into the woods and helping them to be comfortable there; God speaks to us profoundly when we’re away from all the noise of high school drama, and when we can experience Him and our friends in a new way! Plus, backpacking and rock-climbing are a blast!
~ Isaac O. (’18)
Welling, OK

I want to give this year’s students the opportunity for wondering at nature, challenging their own comfort level in the wilderness, and broadening their minds through philosophy, theology, and humanities!
Cody L. (’18)
Euclid, OH