College, Community, and Apprenticeship: The Founders’ Scholarship with Dr. Jason Baxter

Two or three times each academic year two Wyoming Catholic College vans make the five-hour drive to Denver International Airport to pick up two dozen high school seniors to compete for one of our Founders’ Scholarships.

The Founders’ Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship awarded to a student who shows academic excellence, great work ethic and strong communication skills. The College holds two-three weekend-long competitions each academic year. Students tackle assigned readings ahead of time to discuss in seminars, prepare and deliver speeches, and interact with faculty, current students, and one another. In addition to being a competition, the Founders’ Weekend is a great taste of life at Wyoming Catholic College. Win, lose, or draw, most of the students leave having found a college they can love.

Dr. Jason Baxter, our academic dean, is a veteran of Founders’ competitions and is our guest on The After Dinner Scholar.

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