The 2023 Wyoming School of Catholic Thought
Tentative Dates: June 11-16, 2023

I want a laity, not arrogant, not rash in speech, not disputatious, but men who know their religion, who enter into it, who know just where they stand, who know what they hold and what they do not, who know their creed so well that they can give an account of it, who know so much of history that they can defend it. I want an intelligent, well-instructed laity – I wish to enlarge knowledge, to cultivate reason, to get an insight into the relation of truth to truth, to learn to view things as they are, to understand how faith and reason stand to each other, what are the bases and principles of Catholicism.—St. John Henry Newman

Participants in the Wyoming School of Catholic Thought will be formed both spiritually and intellectually, which will enable them to play their part in a new Catholic Renaissance.—Bishop David Ricken, Founder

You’re invited to be a part of Wyoming Catholic College’s annual adult learning week, The Wyoming School of Catholic Thought (WSCT). Led by Wyoming Catholic College faculty, the WSCT leverages the College’s resources and philosophical vision to form adult learners intellectually and spiritually. This week-long program is designed to steep participants in the awesome beauty of Creation, the best that has been thought and said in Western civilization, Catholic spirituality, and a community of likeminded men and women.

The tuition for the program including materials, meals, and activities is $750 with some scholarships available. Housing—either in local hotels, rentals, or college dormitories—is in addition to the tuition.

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