2018 Newman Guide Seal

Wyoming Catholic College Makes Cardinal Newman Society’s “Recommended Colleges” List For 2018-2019

This past week, the Cardinal Newman Society released its annual edition of the “Newman Guide to Catholic Colleges,” a guide designed to help young students and their families identify faithful Catholic colleges—institutions that strive to carry out Pope Benedict’s charge, that “each and every aspect of your learning communities reverberates within the ecclesial life of faith.” As our friends and supporters will surely notice as they look through the freshly-released online edition of the guide, Wyoming Catholic College is included once again.

While this will hardly come as a surprise—Wyoming Catholic has been a member since the very first edition—it is still a significant and noteworthy event. (The expanded online content goes beyond highlighting important differences among faithful colleges, helping families understand the value of a faithful Catholic education, how to navigate the college search, and how to guide students in growing their faith on campus.)

“We’re pleased and honored to be named to the guide once again,” said Dr. Glenn Arbery, the College’s president. “The Newman Guide recommended Catholic colleges and universities ‘because of their commitment to a faithful Catholic education,’ and that’s central to our program. Everything we do here is influenced by our Catholicity and having the Cardinal Newman Society recognize that we are accomplishing this goal is very important to us.”

The Guide’s “Bottom Line” on Wyoming Catholic says that “this College is likely to appeal to students seeking a different kind of undergraduate experience. With its outdoor leadership and equestrian component, its unique immersion Latin program, its four-year double focus on humanities and sacred theology, and its strong emphasis on written and oral rhetoric, there’s no other Catholic college quite like it.”

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