Truth is Beauty:
Science and the Catholic Imagination
August 9-14, 2020

“God’s pleasure—the beauty creation possesses in his regard—underlies the distinct being of creation, and so beauty is the first and truest word concerning all that appears within being; beauty is the showing of what is; God looked upon what he had wrought and saw that it was good.” ― David Bentley Hart

Led by Wyoming Catholic College faculty, the 2020 Wyoming School of Catholic Thought will focus on experiencing the beauty of Creation through scientific knowledge in the context of a well-formed Catholic way of understanding all of life.

The notion that science is the only reliable and true way of knowing permeates our society and culture. It is, as they say, in the air we breathe. And make no mistake, we all breathe that air and are influenced by this idea. The result is an impoverished imagination, a way of seeing the world that is incomplete, inadequate, and unreliable.

By contrast, a well-formed Catholic imagination provides a broad and rich way to understand our lives and the world around us. It revels not only in scientific knowing, but in religious and poetic knowing and in the way the three interact to give us a complete view of life.

Join us as we explore science and the Catholic imagination with authors such as Sir Isaac Newton, John Polkinghorne, Aristotle, Francis Bacon, St. Thomas Aquinas, Blaise Pascal, Gerard Manley Hopkins, John Henry Newman, and Pope St. John Paul II.

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$750 per person | Scholarships available | Meals and reading materials provided (accommodations extra)