Father Trevor Lontine

Parochial Vicar, Spirit of Christ Parish, Archdiocese of Denver

If there’s one thing about my time at Wyoming Catholic College that I’m most grateful for it’s an unfractured mind.

I mean something very specific here: a unified vision of the world which penetrates the entire personality. It means to have the ability to look at reality without being confused or overwhelmed by the complexity of it. When I’m looking at art, I’m very much the same as when I’m riding a horse. I don’t have to switch out the “art critic” hat for the “having fun” hat. In everything, there is joy in contemplating the reality and goodness of what God has created.  God is so near that we can see Him in literally everything—the mayfly, the Platonic solids, and the Summa Theologiae. There’s a simplicity in looking at reality and seeing God’s providence and simplicity shining through this world’s complexity. Today, many people struggle to trust the Church. As a man called to the priesthood, I need the wholeness of mind and heart to lead others to healing. God has asked me to lead as a spiritually-integrated doctor of the soul, as a priest in His Church. I must see the many parts of the Mystical Body and how they work together, and I owe my vision to God’s grace as it unfolded at Wyoming Catholic College. To be men of healing for our times, to see man for who and what he is, we must have the contemplation of unfractured minds.