Scott Sergeant

Deputy Prosecutor, Shoshone County, Idaho; Associate Attorney, Silver Valley Law

After graduating from Wyoming Catholic College in 2016 and teaching middle school in Jackson, Wyoming, I attended Ave Maria School of Law, graduating first in my class in 2021. After completing law school, my wife (also a WCC ’16 graduate) and I moved to North Idaho, where I currently work as a County Prosecutor in Shoshone County, a small county of about 13,000 residents.

The legal profession has given me an opportunity to use my classical training in a rewarding, impactful, and profitable manner, and I would encourage any graduate from Wyoming Catholic College to consider investing their liberal arts degree in the legal field, where it can be put to noble use. I currently work as the sole misdemeanor prosecutor in Shoshone County, prosecuting everything from DUIs and possession of controlled substances to aggravated assaults and battery. I am also an associate attorney in a private law firm, Silver Valley Law, where I draft gun trusts, file probates, and advise our local municipal entities on best legal practices.

In my work as a prosecutor, I am continually reminded of the moral foundation I received during my time at Wyoming Catholic College, particularly calling to mind Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” from our Junior year Humanities class. As a prosecutor, it is my duty to enforce the laws of the state of Idaho and ensure that people who do wrong and commit crimes suffer a justice consequence. But I must not forget that “mercy seasons justice;” at the end of my life, I, too, will pray for mercy. This reality–that justice must be paired with mercy–is not an easy goal to achieve. Often, in trying to attain the one, we sacrifice the other. Trying to balance these virtues in the messy world of the particular is something that Wyoming Catholic began to teach me, but it will likely take me a lifetime to learn.