Lucas Lopez

Where is your hometown?
Mission Viejo, California

All-time highlight of Wyoming Catholic?
My favorite Wyoming Catholic College highlight was when I was attending the Founder’s competition. The night after the competition, the student body hosted us for a bonfire at the dormitories. I had a blast singing under the cold starry night sky around the bonfire.

Favorite outdoor trip memory?
During fall trips, I attended a Colorado 14ers Trip where we attempted to summit 14,000 ft. peaks. Halfway through the trip, we successfully summited Wilson Peak in the San Juan Mountains. Fun fact: Wilson Peak is pictured on the Coors Light Beer Can! It was a physically demanding trip well worth it.

What’s your favorite class, and why?
I am currently enjoying Humanities 202: The Medieval Vision. So far, Augustine’s Confessions has touched me in my spiritual journey. His conversion seem to be the most unlikely, yet through God’s grace he converted. While reading, I felt like I was experiencing his conversion right besides him.

What’s a little-known fact about you?
In addition to my enthusiasm for outdoor activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing, I have become fascinated with pocket billiards. There are a lot of physics concepts behind it. My favorite games consist of eight, nine, ten, and straight-ball pool.