Katey Docherty

Teacher, Faustina Academy

My decision to attend Wyoming Catholic College was perplexing to everyone, including myself. I was not, like most people, drawn in by the horses, the snow, or the camping;  in truth, I hated horses, disliked the snow and cold, and avoided camping. I was drawn in by the heart of what WCC offered: the chance to be formed by the greatest minds, and to become a more actualized version of myself.

I have been a first grade teacher at a small Catholic school for the past ten years now. I do a little job for little people who have little rationality. The wonder and enthusiasm that my students show with every menial task is, I believe, one of the greatest beauties of education. The ability to help build and mold that natural wonder in them comes directly from my formation at WCC. There was a small book, The Book Of Wonder,  that I read my freshman year.  I will always be grateful that the school had me read it. That sense of wonder that my education unlocked for me has been my kindest companion through life. No hardship, triumph, sorrow, or joy in life is without beauty. The sense of wonder that WCC left with me allows me to look at life from a unique angle that shows true beauty in the world. This is the message that I try to convey to my students. I hope they never lose their sense of wonder.

I have absolutely zero regrets attending WCC. I still hate horses, dislike the snow and cold, and avoid camping; but now I dislike them with an informed sense of wonder.