Joseph Fredriksson

Residential Life Coordinator

B.A. (Liberal Arts), Wyoming Catholic College

Originally from southeastern Wisconsin, Joseph made his way out west to become a member of Wyoming Catholic College’s Class of 2017. While at college, he made it his goal to become involved in each aspect of the wholesome campus culture, body, mind, and spirit; in the outdoor program, he served as one of the leaders of the freshmen 21-day expedition and has also led a number of day trips such as caving, hoping to dispose each of his students to wonder at the Beauty of God’s creation; in addition to all of the classes students are required to take, Joseph elected to take part in extra Latin reading groups and helped foster reading tables during mealtimes to both accent the education and further develop the habit of pursuing the Truth together with friends; from sophomore year to senior year, he served in the capacity of college sacristan, training altar servers to attend reverently to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the service of Goodness Himself. After undergoing a life-changing education unlike any other, he spent two years in Michigan at a homeschool enrichment program teaching Doctrine, History, and Scripture before returning to give back to his alma mater and help students get the most out of the WCC experience. Joseph is currently also pursuing a M.A. in Humanities with a Concentration in Classical Education, and his hobbies include writing poetry (particularly ballads), studying the liturgical life of the Church, reading anything related to Dr. John Senior and the Integrated Humanities Program, singing American and Celtic folk tunes, dancing and otherwise living up to his hobbit-like characteristics.