Eve Hamilton

Legislative Editor, Legal Services Division, Wyoming Legislative Service Office

My time at Wyoming Catholic College required me to learn how to manage my time in an effective way. The rigorous academic schedule along with the outdoor weeks taught me how to plan effectively and to balance my schedule with my peers. These hands-on skills have helped me succeed in my career at the State of Wyoming’s Legislative Service Office.

Working at the heart of State politics has led me to look at my time at WCC with greater appreciation. The late nights of studying and paper writing prepared me for the late nights tracking budget amendments. The hours of planning outdoor trips help me plan meetings for committees during the interim. The time writing papers transferred into writing minutes.

I am thankful for my time at the school for not only allowing me to gain practical skills needed to be successful in my job, but also for the classes which have helped me to better understand the nuances of politics. Sitting through my first legislative session, my mind continuously returned to my humanities and political philosophy classes. It has given me better insight into how our state government has evolved and how the writings of philosophers and politicians are still important centuries later.