Abigail (Crimmins) Davidson

Teacher, Founder's Classical Academy

I sit at my reading table in the back of my rather messy first grade classroom with pen in hand, or rather computer in lap and reflect on how I will begin to scratch the surface of explaining how Wyoming Catholic College brought me to this time and place. I graduated from Wyoming Catholic College in 2018 with a brimming tool box of knowledge ready to face teaching Kindergarten-3rd grade Latin for a public charter school. While teaching, I attended the University of Dallas and obtained my Masters in Humanities and Classical Education in 2021. Once I finished my degree, I moved to Founders Classical Academy in Lewisville, Texas, and began teaching first grade. Through these past five years of continuing education, transitions, and working in the word of education, Wyoming Catholic College has never let me down. I have drawn on the knowledge, leadership skills, spirituality, and faculty members of my alma mater more times than I can count.

If I had to pick one thing about the College for which I am most grateful, it would be the recognition that man needs to live in a community of likeminded people, and my healthy fear of and respect for technology. I firmly believe that my ability to continue my education and my love of teaching stems from the examples of my professors and the lessons I was taught with regards to technology. When I find myself with extra time in the school day, my first though is to channel my “inner Dr. Grove” and take my students on a nature walk rather than turn on a movie. My students are benefiting from my education and there is nothing greater a teacher like me could ask from her alma mater.