“God sent us our Sancho:” Dr. Bob Carlson, Co-Founder of WCC, Pays Tribute to Dave Kellogg on His Retirement from the Board

On February 4, 2024, at the College’s annual celebration of her patronal feast, the College community held a special tribute for Mr. Dave Kellogg, whose term on the College’s Board of Directors has come to an end. As part of that tribute, the College’s Founding Dean, Dr. Robert Carlson, penned the following reflection on the vital role Kellogg had played in the College’s founding.

Dave KelloggFriends: When Wyoming Catholic College was just a dream, about 2004, Fr. Bob Cook and I were speaking to a group of persons who represented one of the many towns in Wyoming, hoping that their town would be the place where the College would be built.  After our presentation, during the question and answer session, one of the participants, the town’s mayor, I believe, said,  “I am really impressed with your vision of education for this college; it is great and it is needed,  but I also think you guys are absolutely crazy for attempting to start it: you have no money, no faculty, no students and no place for the College to be built.”

On the way home, Fr. Bob and I were a bit crestfallen and somber, especially Fr. Bob, who said, “You know, Bob, maybe we are a bit crazy for attempting this project.” I responded, “ We are quixotic, Father, not crazy! We have a few windmills to joust with, but all we need is our Sancho to keep us grounded.” And then, sometime later, God’s Grace sent us our Sancho, Dave Kellogg.

Often, when I think of Dave’s contribution to the College, I am struck with awe and gratitude: his help in securing a sizeable money gift, about $300,000 seed money from the Knights and Lander; his part in procuring the heartfelt gift of Francie Mortenson, who donated us a stunning ranch valley (formerly Johnnie Lee’s corner) for our permanent college campus; in providing dorms for our students in his rental properties, in hosting student pizza parties at his and Carol’s house, in   serving on the College Board as a board member for many years and then as Chairman of the Board, where he guided the College through the Scylla and Charibdis; in setting an example for all of us as a humble, charitable, generous Catholic gentleman, worthy of praise and emulation.

Friends, simply put: Wyoming Catholic College would not exist today without Dave Kellogg’s contributions. Therefore, it is most fitting and proper to pay tribute to him, that is to honour Dave today for his wonderful contribution to Wyoming Catholic College.

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