New WCC Faces: Lucas Preble, Director of Student Life

As a growing institution, the College often finds itself welcoming new members to its community at the start of each new academic year. In this series, we introduce our friends and supporters to the 2021-2022 additions to the Wyoming Catholic College family.

Lucas Preble graduated from the University of Dallas (BA ’13, MS ’17). He served the University of Dallas in the Office of Admissions and on the Rome campus as the Director of Student Affairs. Originally from South Florida, Lucas heard about WCC in his college search through high school classmates Michael Sheehan, and Margi Dziad (Nemeth). Accompanied by wife Maria and children–Jackson, Josephine, and Charlotte–he is excited to serve the WCC community as the Director of Student Life.

WYOMING CATHOLIC: What led you to Student Life (in general), and to Wyoming Catholic College (in particular)?

LUCAS PREBLE: After studying Theology and Italian as an Undergrad and exploring the techworld through Cybersecurity, I was offered the opportunity to work abroad in Italy. Without really considering the line of work, my wife and I accepted the challenge of serving a college in Italy as the Director of Student Affairs. Since then, I have loved working with college students. As for Wyoming Catholic, my wife and I have each kept a close eye on the college’s development since its inception. We are fascinated by the culture, community and mission and are so happy to finally be a part of it.

WCC: What is something you draw upon in your own college experiences that you think would be valuable for the students here at Wyoming Catholic to learn?

PREBLE: The first college paper I wrote for Fr. Lehrberger in Philosophy and Ethics, I received a C-. I was mortified and when I went to speak with him, he asked to see my class notes. To my surprise, he made the astute prediction that I had not poured over my class notes for very long. When I asked how he knew, he pointed out how my notes looked far too pristine (i.e. there were no coffee stains, or ash burns from a cigarette, or any other evidence of a college students reading and re-reading). It really helped me realize that studying is not something to do hastily or in order to get it out of the way.

WCC: If you could spend a day in a city anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

PREBLE: I have been privileged to visit (and in some, lived) in Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Chile, Uruguay. I would love to spend time in Russia, Armenia, and Japan… But if I must answer your question, one day in one city would be spent in Athens.

WCC: Are you currently working on any big projects? Related either to your academic life or just life in general? 

PREBLE: God willing, I will defend my dissertation in May 2022 in Educational Leadership. Other big projects include the usual major house projects that come along with being a new home owner.

WCC: What is some advice you would give to students as they strive to balance their academic and community life at Wyoming Catholic College?

PREBLE: Live your life with enthusiasm. A childhood favorite author of mine, Roal Dahl once commented on the importance of being an enthusiast in life, to go full speed ahead at those things that interest you. He said to embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.


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