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New Podcast Episode: “The Witness of the Whisky Priest in Graham Greene’s ‘The Power and the Glory'” with Dr. Glenn Arbery

Over the past week, the administration and staff here at Wyoming Catholic College have met to discuss Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory, an historical novel set in the 1930s in the Mexican state of Tobasco. The Catholic Church had been outlawed, churches (including the cathedral) were torn down, and any priest who did not flee lived in danger of arrest followed by execution for treason. In that setting, Greene gives us his paradoxical portrayal of service to God, love of neighbor, and holiness in the life of the last remaining Catholic priest, a character known to us only as “father’ or “the whisky priest.”

Dr. Glenn Arbery, president of Wyoming Catholic College led the discussion and is the guest in this week’s episode of The After Dinner Scholar podcast.

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