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New Podcast Episode: “What is the Soul in Aristotle’s de Anima?” with Dr. Michael Bolin

What does it mean to be alive? How does the life of a pine tree differ from the life of a puppy differ from the life of a person? What is it that we possess through life, but lose in death? Is it a soul? And if so, what exactly is a soul?

In De Anima (On the Soul), Aristotle explored these questions, questions that while seemingly abstract remain critical to many of our current debates. The definition of “to be alive” is central to questions of abortion and euthanasia and the way we understand the human body and the human soul inform what we think about sexuality and marriage.

Wyoming Catholic College philosophy professor Dr. Michael Bolin specializes in the work of Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas. He is currently teaching De Anima to the College’s sophomores, and is our guest on this week’s episode of The After Dinner Scholar podcast.

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