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New Podcast Episode: “Restless and Rational: The Traveler’s Heart in Philosopher’s Terms,” with Elizabeth Meluch (’18)

“The world is a book,” wrote St. Augustine of Hippo some 1,600 years ago, “and those who do not travel read only one page.”

The idea of reading page after page of the book of the world is not unique to St. Augustine. We are all homo viator, human travelers both in the sense that we are pilgrims in earth moving toward our eternal homes and in the sense that as embodied beings, we are naturally drawn to explore the world of places that we inhabit. Something in us wants to know what’s over the next hill and over the next hill and beyond that river.

Wyoming Catholic College senior Elizabeth Meluch certainly had a sense of that when she began writing her thesis and the accompanying oration she delivered last week. Her oration was titled, “Restless and Rational: The Traveler’s Heart in Philosopher’s Terms.” And Miss Meluch is our guest on this week’s episode of The After Dinner Scholar podcast.

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