Socrates Alcibiades

New Podcast Episode: “Plato’s ‘Alcibiades’: The Gateway to Philosophy” with Professor Kyle Washut

“What do you hope to achieve by bothering me?” It’s a question many asked Socrates and in the dialogue Alcibiades, he answers the question.

Alcibiades yearns for a life in politics and is both an attractive and ambitious would-be leader of Athens. He would appear to have a great future before him, but Socrates tells him—convinces him, “You are wedded to stupidity, my good fellow, stupidity of the highest degree.” Alcibiades can’t explain the difference between justice and injustice, good and bad, advantageous and disadvantageous.

Professor Kyle Washut introduced the Wyoming Catholic College freshmen to philosophy and the value of studying philosophy with Socrates’ conversation with Alcibiades, using it to help them them see themselves and their need for education in a new way. He is our guest on this week’s episode of The After Dinner Scholar.

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