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New Podcast Episode: “My Night Knows No Darkness” with Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski

In his sermon entitled “My Night Knows No Darkness,” twentieth century theologian Fr. Karl Rahner asked about Lent, “How is such a time relevant for us today with our many needs, our hopelessness with regard to this world, our bitter hearts, our sense that we would be willing to fast as long as it did not mean going hungry?”

In the sadness of modern life, why add more sadness and sober contemplation about our lives? What good does it do us? Why not jump to the joy of Easter and leave it at that?

Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski, Wyoming Catholic College’s Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Humanities and Philosophy, has been reflecting on Rahner’s sermon during this Lent and shares with us some insights during this Holy Week on this week’s episode of The After Dinner Scholar podcast.

Fr. Rahner’s sermon is available here, and  will be among the readings at this year’s Wyoming School of Catholic Thought, held on June 10-14, in Lander, Wyoming. Sign up today.

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