Giovanni Battista Bertucci St Thomas Aquinas

New Podcast Episode: “Aquinas’ ‘On the Perfection of the Spiritual Life’“ with Dr. Kent Lasnoski

St. Thomas Aquinas is known primarily as a great thinker. And indeed, his works still undergird a Catholic understanding of God and the world. But for St. Thomas, thinking, teaching and writing about Sacred Scripture, theology, and philosophy were never ends in themselves. His academic work—and indeed from his point of view all his work and rest—served a higher purpose.

That higher purpose animates St. Thomas’ short work, “On the Perfection of the Spiritual Life.” “Since certain persons, knowing nothing about perfection,” he began, “have presumed to speak follies concerning the state of perfection, our purpose is to treat of perfection: what it is to be perfect; how perfection is acquired; what is the state of perfection; and what befits those who take up this state.”

Theologian Dr. Kent Lasnoski has been working through “On the Perfection of the Spiritual Life with our seniors, and is our guest on this week’s episode of the After Dinner Scholar podcast.

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