Wyoming Catholic College and Its Professors Featured in Trio of Podcasts from The Albertus Magnus Institute

This past summer, John Johnson, Executive Director of The Albertus Magnus Institute, spent several days on the Wyoming Catholic College campus. The Institute is “a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the promotion of education that is truly liberating,” and the College was honored to host Mr. Johnson. During his time here, he interviewed a number of the College’s professors and administrators, and three of those interviews have now been released as episodes of The Magnus Podcast.

The first, “Why Wyoming Catholic?”, is on what keeps “the Wild Western Tradition alive and well at Wyoming Catholic,” and features Dean Kyle Washut.

The second, an interview with President Glen Arbery, covers “the place of poiesis and gymnastics in authentic liberal learning, the inhumanity of the student debt model, how to spark wonder in the soul, the monastic character of Wyoming Catholic, the hire-ability of a liberally educated human, the educational models of Ronald McArthur and John Senior,” and a host of other topics.

And the third, “Overthrowing Technocracy,” is a conversation with Dr. Tom Zimmer, head of the College’s Outdoor Program. It touches on “digital detox and the power of the great outdoor classroom to spark the intellect,” and completes (as Mr. Johnson puts it) “our initial three-part series highlighting the great work being done at Wyoming Catholic College, but there is plenty more coming down the pike from Lander in future episodes of the Magnus Podcast!”

We are grateful to Mr. Johnson for his time, his enthusiasm, and for helping us to showcase the unique richness of life at Wyoming Catholic College in these podcasts. Enjoy!

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