Dr. Holms on Moses

Dr. Holmes on Moses, Israel, and the Exodus

On Independence Day, we celebrated our country’s birthday. July Fourth is a date we all remember, and a yearly reminder of what it means to be an American.

In a similar way, argues Bible scholar and Wyoming Catholic College professor Dr. Jeremy Holmes, the Exodus from Egypt defined the people of Israel. Prior to the Exodus, the Israelites were an extended clan enslaved in Egypt. After the Exodus, they were a nation. They shared a national story, national laws, and a national identity.

This week’s After Dinner Scholar podcast features Dr. Holmes discussing the lecture he delivered at the Wyoming School of Catholic Thought. The theme of the week was “Returning from Exile” and Dr. Holmes spoke about Moses, Israel, and the Exodus.

In addition to the fifteen-minute podcast, his entire lecture is also available on the college website, at Podbean, or through iTunes.

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