Our Lady of Mount Carmel Scholarship Fund

It is often a financially-challenging prospect for students from foreign countries to consider applying to Wyoming Catholic College. While the value of our education is undeniable regardless of one’s cultural or economic background, the costs of traveling to Wyoming from a foreign country and attending this extraordinary institution are equally undeniable. As a result, foreign applicants often require additional scholarship support in order to attain their dream of attending Wyoming Catholic.

In recent years, we have seen a growing interest from Belizian students. This is unsurprising given the presence of the John Paul II Junior College in Benque–an institution which is heavily influenced by the ideals and curriculum of Wyoming Catholic College. In an effort to help provide scholarship funds for students such as these, we have instituted the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Scholarship Fund, named in honor of Benque Viejo del Carmen’s patroness. Funds raised for this purpose will be used to fund a scholarship for a Belizian student (or Belizian students) who has been accepted to Wyoming Catholic College.

This Year's Applicant

Born in Gautemala but raised in Benque Viejo Del Carmen in Belize, two miles from the Guatemalan border, Sintia Albeño Morales brings a combination of valuable international experience, strong academic interest, and a proven track record as a strong community member. Belize is considered the crossroads of Central America, and Benque and its surroundings are home to Hispanic, Creole, Anglo, Indian, and Chinese populations.  A simple trip to the market in nearby San Ignacio can involve conversations in three languages. Sintia’s life experience in this diverse culture will be a gift to her classmates and to the whole Wyoming Catholic College student body.

Sintia will also be a strong fit in the classroom. In addition to attending Benque’s John Paul II Junior College in Benque, she has been taught by graduates of liberal arts colleges for many years, including one who had this to say about Sintia: “When I taught her, Sintia was a dedicated student who was always filled with wonder, asked good questions and did the hard work…  From the first semester I had her, I felt that she should continue on to further study. Not only do I believe she has the acuity and the desire for it, but also that the classroom will benefit by having Sintia present.”

Currently, Sintia works as a volunteer for the Society of Our Lady of Trinity, and has done so since 2016. The Society runs both schools and the local Catholic parish. Sintia has taught theology classes, managed public events, and helped support local sporting events. Her proven generosity in time and talent will continue here at Wyoming Catholic. Those who would like to support Sintia’s and her countrymen’s efforts to attend Wyoming Catholic College may donate to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Scholarship Fund, a scholarship set up specifically to help offset the expenses of Belizian students. Please use the form below, or contact Joseph Susanka, Vice President of Advancement, at (307) 349-6150 or jsusanka@wyomingcatholic.edu.

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