Dr. Thaddeus on Plato's Cave

An Interview with Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

At the Wyoming School of Catholic Thought this past June, Wyoming Catholic College Academic Dean Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski began his lecture stating, “Plato’s cave is a television set.” We sit transfixed not moving our heads. Images appear before us, images manipulated by people we don’t know, but whose motives are certain: commercial profit. And watching the images dance by hour after hour, we come to believe that the images we see are reality.

In this week’s After Dinner Scholar podcast, Dr. Kozinski begins with the question of why study Plato at all and then goes on to discuss our exile from the real, an exile that can only be remedied by grace and contemplation. And the study of Plato, it turns out, helps a great deal.

In addition to the fifteen-minute podcast, Dr. Kozinski’s entire lecture is also available on the college website, at Podbean, or through iTunes.

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