Organizations all over the country have reached out to the college with employment opportunities. We hope one is meant for you.

Current Job Postings

The Christendom Institute is seeking young men and women who will lay the ground work for a classical high school in Omaha, beginning this fall. Men and women Missionary Educators will live in separate unoccupied convent buildings, each with a private chapel, on and near our campus in Omaha. Missionary Educators will meet for daily prayer and dinner, and receive a monthly stipend.

During the week, Missionary Educators will teach classes, attend daily Mass with students, assist with field trips, develop courses, and may also assist at our K-8 classical, Catholic school, Christendom Academy. On the weekends, Missionary Educators will be able to participate in a variety of activities and retreats.

To apply, email your resume to Carter Lowman:  Carter@Christendom.Academy or call (402) 278-1396


Chesterton Academy of Notre Dame, a new independent, classical Catholic high school in Spokane, WA is seeking dynamic teachers with a background in the Humanities, math, science, and the Fine Arts. Applicants must have a passion for a Catholic liberal arts education, and must be able to lead Socratic discussions on primary sources and help students to develop excellence in writing and speech. Strong emphasis will be placed upon the mentorship and personal formation of students, working with parents, and building a school community. Candidates should demonstrate a proven ability to teach and lead students, and profess fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. These positions are full-time, beginning August 15, 2020, with a competitive salary based on experience. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to

Chesterton Academy of Notre Dame is a private, independent, co-ed, Catholic high school offering a rigorous, classical, integrated, college preparatory curriculum centered on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. The school develops complete thinkers who learn to draw on faith and reason for the purpose of building up the family and a culture of life.

Spokane is an attractive place to live and work.  It boasts a vibrant downtown, amazing walking trails, five ski resorts within 90 minutes of downtown, dozens of lakes within one hour, the spectacular beauty of Spokane Falls, five universities and two medical schools, over 50 microbreweries and wine tasking rooms, and a rich variety for every lifestyle, and an easy commute from outlying areas.

Job Title:  Missionary Instructor

Department:   COR Expeditions

Status:  Full Time w/ benefits

Compensation:  Determined by ability to acquire and maintain a support team.

Reports to:  Dr. Thomas Zimmer, Executive Director of COR Expeditions                                     


Work Schedule:  This is not a typical Monday through Friday, 9-5 position. Morning, evening, and weekend work as well as travel around the US and extensive 24/7 time in the backcountry are required.

About the Program:  COR Expeditions is the wilderness ministry outreach program of Wyoming Catholic College in Lander, Wyoming. COR was born from the success of WCC’s faith-based Outdoor Leadership Program. COR is fundamentally oriented towards sharing the spiritual and leadership goals of this program with a wider audience beyond the college community and becoming the premier Catholic wilderness ministry through its adherence to the professional and safety standards of the outdoor industry. COR works with a variety of programs, including youth groups, seminaries, high schools, colleges, and young adult groups, as well as promoting its own trips via COR’s website and social media. COR also partners with other Catholic ministries to provide a faith-filled professional guiding presence in facilitating wilderness trips.

Position Summary:  Because of the unique relationship between COR and Wyoming Catholic College, the missionary instructor position has three major parts: assisting in the development and operations of COR Expeditions, continuing to foster the growth of Wyoming Catholic’s outdoor program, and acquiring and maintaining a personal support team through fundraising efforts.

Essential Functions/Primary Job Responsibilities:

  1. Lead various outdoor trips for COR Expeditions including, but not limited to backpacking, canyoneering, rock climbing, river trips and winter trips. The spring and summer months may include several months of back-to-back wilderness trips while the rest of the year will have more time in the office. This position may consist of over 150 days in the backcountry annually.
  2. Proficiently facilitate COR’s spiritual programming on courses by leading talks and discussions and creating course culture through conversation and personal example. Assist in the continuing development of both spiritual and outdoor education curriculum.
  3. Acquire and maintain a support team. Upon hire, attend a two-day fundraising seminar. After the seminar, spend approximately six weeks, some of which will be traveling, towards initial fundraising efforts.



  1. Support the Outdoor Leadership Program of Wyoming Catholic College. For approximately 10 weeks of the year, COR staff time will be devoted to planning and leading outdoor trips for the students of WCC, as well as high school students who participate in the WCC summer programs. This will include leading multiple WCC week-long trips each year and leading day trips and trainings for WCC students and outdoor leaders. It may also include being a head instructor for the 21-Day Freshman Expedition or leading technical aspects of the PEAK high school program.
  2. Promote COR Expeditions courses to Catholic organizations, homeschool programs, youth groups, parishes, private Catholic schools, seminaries, dioceses, and individuals around the country. This may include extensive travel.
  3. Be a liaison, either directly or through the COR Admin Assistant, to organizations that contract courses through COR to help them facilitate registration paperwork, health forms, payment methods, travel plans, gear needs, and other logistics.
  4. Plan and organize outdoor trips for various groups: plan the route, apply for backcountry permits and camping reservations, organize rental equipment, coordinate travel for students and instructors, plan food menus, design trip-specific curriculum, etc.
  5. Conduct various administrative duties including but not limited to: designing and updating website content, social media content, creating promotional material, managing and updating trip paperwork such as registration and payment forms, reviewing participant health forms, creating and managing budgets for trip proposals and actual trips, etc.
  6. Attend professional development opportunities in the fields of both outdoor education and Catholic ministry.
  7. Acquire and maintain permits with state and federal land management agencies.


Minimum Job Requirements:

  • Ministry Experience: A missionary instructor primarily provides trips for Catholic organizations and Catholic clientele. It is therefore imperative that this person not only lives his or her Catholic faith but is able and excited to share his or her faith with others. Many of these trips are designed to evangelize participants through God’s First Book. A background and previous coursework in Catholic theology is recommended for this position. Experience in youth or young adult ministry is a plus.
  • Bachelor’s degree that includes involvement with Outdoor Education & Leadership.
  • Current WFR (Wilderness First Responder) and CPR certifications, and ability to teach and run WFR scenarios.
  • 3 years of experience working with a reputable outdoor program such as COR Expeditions, WCC Outdoor Leadership Program, NOLS, Outward Bound, SROM, etc. This should include leading trips in various outdoor activities, renting gear, gear maintenance and repair, planning and packing backcountry food rations, etc.



  • Extensive experience and demonstrated ability to lead multiple outdoor activities such as: backpacking, canyoneering, mountaineering, canoeing, kayak touring, rock climbing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and kayaking, winter backpacking, cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing, ice climbing, fishing.
  • Working knowledge of risk management, wilderness safety, and industry standards in the previously mentioned outdoor activities.
  • 2 years experience training trip leaders in the previously mentioned outdoor activities.
  • 2 years experience in planning and organizing a variety of different outdoor trips including: developing route plans, technical knowledge of the route, emergency and evacuation routes/plans, choosing and finding qualified leaders/instructors, etc.
  • Flexibility, creativity, and proven problem solving skills to meet and adapt to the needs of a growing non-profit organization.
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude in the face of changing priorities and deadlines and to be creative with time management.
  • Self-motivated, proactive, and able to excel when working with a team to solve problems.
  • Clean driving record. Experience driving 12 and 15 passenger vans.
  • Must have the motivation and energy to fundraise support for the program as well as acquire and maintain a personal support team – training will be provided.


Preferred Experience:

  • Familiarity with AEE accreditation standards and its programming.
  • Outdoor Industry Certifications (or ability to acquire within a year): AMGA SPI, ACA Swiftwater Rescue training, Avalanche certifications, WFR Instructor, etc.
  • Experience with various trip and route opportunities in Wyoming and its adjacent states.
  • Previous fundraising experience.
  • Trailer driving experience.


To Apply:  Send cover letter, resume, backcountry (and/or river/climbing) log, copies of certifications, and the names and current phone numbers of three professional references (one must be, or have been, an immediate workplace supervisor) to  A WCC application form will also be sent to you.


Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.


For More Information: Contact Kristin Anderson at 307-335-4422 or email

Southern Tier Catholic School and Archbishop Walsh Academyis a small combined Catholic primary and secondary institution located in the Southern Tier of Western New York. Our school is seeking to establish partnerships with authentic Catholic institutions of higher learning so as to expand our pool of potential candidates for hire, and to assist young Catholic graduates seeking employment in the field of education, or further educational opportunities at the postgraduate level.

Striving to continue to provide a high quality Catholic education our school is always on the lookout for teaching candidates who embody the best of the Church’s illustrious educational tradition. Furthermore the practical realities of Catholic primary and secondary education in the 21st century mean that the majority of our teaching staff are lay-persons and that our schools are often left trying to fill vacancies as our educators pursue employment opportunities elsewhere after only a few years of employment. This means that we are, more often than not, annually engaged in the hiring process to a greater extent than at public schools. It is our hope that in reaching out to Wyoming Catholic College,and providing future information on vacancies this information can be passed on to your graduates for consideration. In doing so we will achieve a mutually beneficial arrangement wherein we will be able to furnish ourselves and our students with high quality Catholic educators while providing an opportunity for meaningful employment and further education for your graduates.

Employment Benefits: Full-time Teaching Staff

  1. Tuition reduction (75%) for all full-time employees of STCS/Walsh at nearby St. Bonaventure University for those seeking a postgraduate degree

  2. Salary ($25,000-$40,000 depending on experience, certification and other qualifications)

  3. Health Insurance benefits through the Diocese of Buffalo

  4. Personal Days (roll over annually)

  5. Sick Time (roll over annually)

  6. Internal and external professional development opportunities

Interested parties should contact Mr. Lee Filbert at

Paid Full-Time Fellowships: The Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women offers paid, full-time fellowships for college women. Working at CBL gives students the opportunity to interact with some of the top women in the conservative movement, raise awareness about alternatives to liberal feminism, deepen their understanding of conservative policy issues, attend conservative events around DC, receive media and public speaking training, and more. Highlights of the CBL Center for Conservative Women Summer Fellowship: Introducing leading conservative women at events; Receiving public speaking and media training at an full-day, expert-led seminar; writing and delivering a speech at a high school national conference; attending a week-long conference for conservative college students; receiving weekly, one-on-one mentorship from a key CBL staff member; Gaining event planning, communications, development, and administrative experience. Duties include advocating for conservative principles through online and written communications, assisting in administrative duties, assisting with events, and promoting CBLPI’s presence via social media. Qualified candidates will be passionate about empowering conservative women. Apply to be a Fellow: Applications may be submitted via email, regular 10 mail, or faxed to 703-318-8867. Please submit an application package that includes: a cover letter explaining why you are interested in being a fellow; a current resume; and a completed application to: ecampbell@cblpi.orgh. Application:

Great Hearts Academies, Texas and Arizona

This general requisition allows candidates to submit application materials and note their interest in being considered for 2019-2020 teaching positions at Great Hearts.  All submitted documents (resume, etc.) and questionnaire answers will roll over to the specific openings the candidate adds to their application once those become available. When the hiring season opens officially, you will be notified, and if a headmaster determines he/she has a position for which you might be a fit, he/she will reach out for further conversation.

Potential Openings:

  • Kindergarten through 5th Grade Classroom Teachers
  • Kindergarten through 5th Grade Teaching Apprentices/Assistants
  • Fine Arts:   Music, Poetry, Visual Arts, Drama
  • Humane Letters:   Western Traditions of Literature, History and Philosophy
  • Languages:   Latin, Spanish
  • Literature and Composition: Western Traditions of Literature
  • Mathematics:   Elementary Math (K-5th gr.) and Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus
  • Physical Education
  • Science:   Life Science, Earth/Physical Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry


Great Hearts hires faculty, administrators, and Lead Office staff on a rolling basis. The Great Hearts recruitment/hiring committee reviews all applications and passes applications on to hiring headmasters. Please note:  Headmasters are largely autonomous in the hiring processes for their campuses.  They discern for themselves the candidates of interest and contact, interview, and make offers to those candidates per their own hiring timetables.

For questions about the online application process, application status, submitting of documents, and specific openings, please contact the HR/Talent Team at

The United States Marine Corps are looking for men and women who are interested in pursuing a career as a Marine Corps Officer after graduating from college. We have positions for those interested in being Pilots, Ground Officers and Reserve Officers. You can apply anytime while in college or after graduation. Our training and obligations WILL NOT interfere with your schooling.

Interested parties should contact Robert Golde at or by phone at 970-484-8118.

Learn more at


Part-time Positions, Internships, and Seasonal Employment