College Opens 2021-2022 Academic Year with Largest Student Body Ever

On Sunday, August 22, Wyoming Catholic College opened its 2021-2022 Academic Year with the largest student body in its history. Fueled in large part by welcoming its largest Freshman Class to date—sixty-eight members strong—the College’s community this year is made up of students from forty states and three foreign countries.

At Sunday’s Matriculation Ceremony, President Glenn Arbery told the assembled students, faculty, and staff that “here at Wyoming Catholic College, we have a culture of expectation that calls at every point upon the best that is within you. We are not engaged in tearing down or demeaning what is great, but in honoring whatever is noble and good, wherever it might be found.”

“By our very existence,” he continued, “we stand in opposition to many figures and trends in contemporary society. But what we oppose, let us oppose nobly, always open to what is best in those who consider us wrong.” He reminded the community that “this is not an education geared to trigger warnings and safe spaces, but to courage and prudence and justice and temperance—and of course, beyond those, to the holy gifts of faith, hope, and love.”

Each member of the Class of 2025 then came forward to sign their names in the Registry, the large, leather-bound book that holds the signatures of every student who has ever attended the College. In a short talk explaining the history and purpose of the Registry, Dean Kyle Washut emphasized that “in signing this book, you are joining the community of Wyoming Catholic College. And in entering this community, you are embracing our common pursuit of truth and virtue. May this common pursuit give rise to and be nourished by the many deep friendships you will form in the coming days.”

The first classes of the 2021-2022 Academic Year will be held on Tuesday, August 24.

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