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College Leases Former CWC Building To Meet Needs Of Expanding Student Body

In August, Wyoming Catholic welcomed the largest class in its history: 59 freshmen from 26 different states, bringing its total enrollment to 175 students—a 60% growth over the last four years. Unsurprisingly, this increase brings a number of logistical challenges along with it, including the question of where to best hold classes for such a rapidly-expanding student body.

This week, we have a new and exciting answer to that question: the former Central Wyoming College (CWC) building on Main Street in Lander, a space that has stood empty since CWC moved the hub of its Lander activities to the recently-constructed Lander Outreach building on Enterprise Boulevard. After a flurry of staff activity during the past Outdoor Week to clean and paint and spruce the place up a bit, it opened its doors on Monday morning to the excitement of students and professors alike.

“This space is a wonderful addition to our facilities,” said President Glenn Arbery, “and a real God-send. Adding a number of classrooms, offices, study spaces, and student common areas will go a long way towards alleviating the challenges caused by this burgeoning student body.” Jon Tonkowich, the College’s Vice President of Advancement and Enrollment, was pleased at the opportunities provided by the new building. “We’ve never really had enough space for the students, whether in terms of classrooms, study rooms, or areas for them to simply spread out and relax. This will really help with all three of those, and our students will definitely appreciate the difference. Plus, it will alleviate some of the pressure the College puts on the Education Building at Holy Rosary Church. The parish has been incredibly generous with that space, but having this new opportunity will help to reduce our footprint there.”

The former CWC building will significantly increase the academic space available to the College, adding five more classrooms, several study rooms and offices, and a large common area with couches and desks to the College’s current spaces at Frassati Hall (the American Legion Building), Downtown Center (Baldwin Building), and Education Building (at Holy Rosary). And if student enthusiasm as they began their first day of classes there is any indication, it will be a beloved fixture in the Wyoming Catholic College community in no time.

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