11 Things Everyone Should Know about Wyoming Catholic College

1 – We study the Great Books
Instead of reading dumbed-down, predigested textbooks, our students meet the brightest minds and biggest ideas of Western Civilization. In these works, students wrestle directly with the authors themselves, gaining entry into the conversation of the ages.  For more information on this approach, click here.

2 – Our students spend 10 weeks in the wilderness
Starting with an initial three-week backpacking course and continuing with an outdoor week each semester, our students spend a minimum of 10 weeks immersed in nature.  That’s over two months of growing in wonder and virtue through “God’s first book.”  For more information on the Outdoor Program, click here.

3 – Private, Catholic education is affordable at Wyoming Catholic College
At Wyoming Catholic College the total cost of attendance (tuition, room, board, books, and fees) is $40,000.  That’s almost 40% less than the average private college.  Nonetheless, college education is still expensive, so the College provides extensive financial aid: 86% of students receive merit- and/or need-based aid. For more information on Financial Aid, click here.

4 – No government strings attached
Wyoming Catholic College seeks freedom from outside forces that could threaten our curriculum and Catholic identity.  We refuse federal student loans and any direct funding from the government.  For more information on the decision to refuse Federal Funds, click here.

5 – Authentic Catholic environment
How many places can you go where attending daily Mass is the normal thing for a College student to do?  WCC is one of those places.  Each day, there are multiple Masses as well as adoration and confession.  Student life policies foster temperance, prudence, and chastity. For more information on the College’s Catholic Identity, click here.

6 – Life in Lander, Wyoming
Lander offers safe, friendly, small-town America at its best.  In addition, students enjoy the cowboy culture of the American West and learn to ride horses on a ranch.  For more information on Lander, click here.

7 – Our world-class and accessible faculty
The heart of our small college is our talented and diverse faculty.  Students study literature under a renowned Dante scholar, Latin under a pioneer of spoken Latin, and music under a published composer, to name only a few.  Our student-to-faculty ratio is 10:1. Teachers join students for meals, sports, parties, and pleasure reading.  For more information on the Faculty, click here.

8 – Encountering the Beautiful
We take seriously Dostoevsky’s claim that “beauty will save the world.”  Students learn to embrace the transforming power of the Beautiful in nature, in art, in music, in poetry, and even in the rational disciplines of mathematics and philosophy.  For more information on the Fine Arts Curriculum Track, click here.

9 – Community life at Wyoming Catholic College
Few places feature a community like ours, where each member is committed to living a life of virtue, intellectual formation, and spiritual growth.  For more information on Student Life at Wyoming Catholic College, click here.

10 – Integrated curriculum
The world is not divided into compartments or majors, and neither is our education.  The entire curriculum at Wyoming Catholic is like one, big course with lots of interlocking pieces.  All students take the same classes, and in a given year they have all their classes with the same classmates. Conversations carry over from one class into the next.  For more information on the Curriculum, click here.

11 – Ready for what’s beyond
With only seven graduating classes out in the workforce, our alumni are already succeeding in prestigious graduate programs, on Capitol Hill, at engineering, and at new business enterprises.  This education gives our alumni the character, intelligence, and versatility to prosper in a rapidly changing world. For more information on Our Graduates, click here.