Tuition and Financial Aid

A Promise from the President:

Student and parents are sometimes scared away from small, liberal arts colleges because they think they can’t afford the education. It’s different at Wyoming Catholic College. We are committed on principle to providing an affordable education to each student.

As the father of eight children, I deeply respect the sacrifices of parents to educate their children in the Christian Faith. Our primary work is to perfect this education in each student, not just during their four years here, but also in their future lives and vocations. Students will emerge from college with a unique experience in the Great Books and in God’s creation—but they will not be crippled by debt.

Please read on about the particulars of our policies. I draw your attention particularly to our financial aid calculator and scholarship opportunities. Be assured that we will do our best to work with every admitted student and come to an acceptable financial arrangement.

Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, Wyoming Catholic College offers three full-tuition scholarships to select members of the incoming Freshman class through its Founders’ Scholarship Competition.

Over three days, invitees will attend WCC classes, discover Wyoming’s sublimely beautiful landscape, practice rhetoric in both speech and writing, and discuss a topic of their choice with professors in small, Oxford-style tutorials.

The Flannery O’Connor Scholarship offers applicants to the College the opportunity to share a piece of themselves: their creativity, interests, ambitions, and dramatic flair. The topics, conceived by various members of the College community, may be pondered with complete seriousness, jest, or a happy medium between the two.

The contest is open to anyone who is applying for or admitted to the Class of 2026 at Wyoming Catholic College. Winners may only use their scholarship award at Wyoming Catholic College. Students who choose to attend another institution will forfeit the scholarship.

Wyoming Catholic College awards a number of scholarships to students based on academic merit. To qualify, the applicant must have (1) scores of at least 1200 on the SAT, 25 on the ACT, or 79 on the CLT; and (2) a high school GPA of 3.25 or better.

Contact the admissions office to learn more about the merit scholarships available to you.

Glenn gives some people some cash!

Direct Costs for a Student to Attend Wyoming Catholic College Tuition $25,000 Room & Board $9,700 Books, Materials, and Activities Fee $800 Outdoor Equipment *Incoming freshmen should budget approximately $1,000 for the cost of required outdoor equipment. Total $35,500

Books, Materials, and Activities Fee

This required fee includes all course books, reading packets, and handouts distributed to the students each academic year. The activities fee includes use of a nearby gym, swimming pool, laundry facilities and other services.

Outdoor Equipment

At the inception of the student’s freshman year, it is necessary to purchase or rent personal equipment and clothing required for the three-week Freshman Expedition that takes place in August. While the actual cost varies from student to student, the average cost per student is approximately $500 for gear purchase and $300 for gear rental. A detailed equipment list is mailed to committed students, accompanied by instructions on how, where, and when the gear may be obtained. Please note that students, upon their arrival at the College, may conveniently obtain equipment and clothing at the NOLS Rocky Mountain outfitting shop in Lander. If students purchase equipment and clothing prior to arrival, all items must meet WCC approval prior to departing on the August expedition.

Additional expenses are as follows:

Spending Money

Students will, of course, need some additional funds to cover such personal expenses as stamps, snacks, laundry soap, toiletries, entertainment, fishing licenses, optional outdoor trips, etc.


Most financial aid recipients who are from out of state travel home only twice per academic year, at the Christmas break and the end of the school year. Travel expenses will vary based on the mode of travel and the proximity of the student’s home to the College. Limited shuttle service to area airports and bus stations is provided by the College for a reasonable fee. Contact the Director of Student Services for more information.


If a student ceases attending the College before October 1st for the fall semester or February 1st for the spring semester, tuition, room, and board will be prorated on a per diem basis, and refunds of parent and student payments will be determined accordingly. After that point, no funds will be returned.

For information about our Financial Aid program, please see the Financial Aid page.