“How can a small college in Wyoming (of all places!) impact the world?”

Consider what Jesus Christ did with twelve very imperfect men. And consider what those imperfect men did at, and following, the first Pentecost. To think that small numbers of active disciples cannot influence others is to reject every lesson from salvation history.

For that reason, this year Wyoming Catholic College is expanding its reach, sharing the expertise, zeal, and audacity that befits a precocious, adventurous institution. With several thousands of our closest friends now receiving our revamped “Integritas,” we will accelerate and expand the impact WCC has on our culture, our country, and our Church.

Each edition will feature a speech given at our campus, or at a College-sponsored event. As you will see, we are deeply engaged not only in matters of faith and theology, but in particular, how our faith and theology ought to be lived out—actively and zealously—in the public square.

As Bishop James Conley remarks in our first edition, “our lives will be measured by the souls we bring to Jesus Christ.”  We cannot help but believe that the Lord wants our College’s impact to be measured by what we offer our students as well as our friends and supporters around the world.

Saddle up, and welcome aboard. History is on our side.

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