Will Stivers

Seminarian, Diocese of Austin

Whether I have been working on an ambulance or serving in a parish, God has given me the desire to be Christ’s ambassador.

For me, the story of God’s call is rooted in a desire to be Christ to others. After graduating Wyoming Catholic College in 2019, I stayed in Lander for about six months, working full-time as an EMT. It was a great experience, but I yearned for Texas, my first home. So I moved back in November of 2019, and the very next day, my mom told me about a visitation weekend featuring Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving (attached to the University of Dallas). I had already begun the application process for the Diocese of Austin during my senior year at Wyoming Catholic, but hadn’t completed it in time to be considered for 2019.

Visiting the seminary affirmed my call to go there, and I finished the application a few months later. In the interim year, I lived with my parents in Austin, working as a contractor and as an EMT during the height of COVID-19. In the summer of 2020, I quit my job and left for the Seminary. Since then, God has continued to affirm my call. I will spend one more year at Holy Trinity before moving on to Theology studies, which could take me to Rome. Please keep me in your prayers!