Sarah Carlstrom

COR Missionary

Sarah graduated from Wyoming Catholic College in 2014 with academic honors and as the recipient of the John Paul II Award for excellence in the integration of body, mind, and spirit. While a student at WCC, Sarah became an outdoor leader in the WCC Outdoor Leadership program and a professional instructor with Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries, pursuing a variety of outdoor activities including expedition backpacking, climbing, water sports, and more. After a year of mission work with NET Ministries and two years as the Director of Student Life at WCC, Sarah became a full-time staff member with COR in 2017. As COR’s first full-time female instructor, Sarah has continued not only to invest time in the field with students, but also to develop many aspects of COR’s mission, programming, and course offerings. Sarah is a graduate of NOLS, WMI, SROM, and SOLO, and has guided across the American West and internationally.

She and fellow COR missionary Zach Carlstrom were married in the fall of 2018, and her current project as a former Floridian is learning to keep up with her husband on skis.


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