Rinju Chenet

Director of Admissions

B.A. (Liberal Arts), Wyoming Catholic College


(307) 332-2930, x. 1234

Rinju was born in Maryland, and promptly moved a month later. He has lived at 18 different locations since then, on four different continents. Of all of his adventures, studying at Wyoming Catholic College was by far the most impactful and life-changing, restoring the capacity for wonder and philosophic reflection that so many of us lose in our secular upbringings.

Through his experiences as a missionary, taxi driver, personal chef, theology teacher, carpenter, menswear salesman, and bartender, he came to appreciate the universal desire in humanity for transcendence. Finding the education at Wyoming Catholic to most perfectly grant students the tools to engage with this desire within themselves, Rinju has enjoyed helping the college connect with her future students.

In his free time, he can be found working out at the gym, cooking up extravagant feasts, boxing, reading theology, hiking through Sinks Canyon, praying the Jesus Prayer, and generally trying to make the world a more interesting place.