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Sarah Honrath

Marketing Consultant and On-Air Personality, Hot Country 93.1 (in Yankton, SD)

In the morning, I spend my hours as a “Marketing Consultant” for Hot Country 93.1 (in Yankton, SD) and in the afternoons, I’m an On-Air Personality. I get PAID to talk! What’s not to like?

My day starts off with twenty-four ounces of French Press coffee. Then, I check out the news, searching for stories to feature in the afternoon. Around 8:15, the “Marketing Magic” starts! We have three stations: News-and-Talk, a cutting-edge Country station, and a uniquely-formatted Rock station, and all three are filled with local content. So I meet with our clients to discuss their marketing strategies, whether that be scheduling and rescheduling their ads, rewriting them (if necessary), or considering an additional station or two. I’m often meeting people who either own or are starting their own businesses, and it’s very exciting to be part of a community’s growth. Marketing is all about creatively solving problems, and helping local businesses to succeed is such a joy to me. In the afternoon, I change my identity a bit. “The Country Dirt with Sarah Rose” runs from 3 pm–6 pm each day, which means I become a Country music guru for three hours. What’s fun about holding both positions at my job is that I can actually sell my own show! I find radio enjoyable because its elements are so fast-paced, ever-changing and evolving.

Working in a field where I had absolutely no training required a willingness to learn; it required docility and adaptability. I feel those are three things that I learned and developed during my time at Wyoming Catholic. Both of my positions here require careful time management, which any current student or alumni would tell you is an absolute must-have at Wyoming Catholic College! As for more specific skills, the principles of rhetoric and ethics have been very helpful. And thanks to practicing leadership, I’ve gained confidence to be involved in the community. My time there in Lander really did prepare me for this varied and exciting future. And I’d like to remind all its current students and alumni: “Don’t limit yourselves! Be confident in the value of your education!

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