Paul Milligan

Donor Relations Officer

Originally from New Hampshire, Paul was drawn to Wyoming Catholic College by the unique pairing of outdoors and liberal arts (and by the good reports of one or two siblings). He graduated from the College in 2018 with the Pier Giorgio Frassati Award for excellence in the Outdoor Program. His love for the outdoors and his desire to help others experience it in a Catholic context led him to join COR Expeditions as a missionary guide.

In 2021, Paul gave up guiding trips to become a member of the College’s Advancement Team as COR’s first Donor Relations Officer, which will see him helping to plan and implement COR’s fundraising strategy throughout the year. He is excited to help COR continue to expand, and is eager to share its story even more widely through his new position.

Paul met his future spouse and inseparable adventure companion, Erin (née Deucher), at Wyoming Catholic, and they were married in October of 2018. They live in Lander, WY with their two boys, Leo and Kolbe, who try to keep up with their mom and dad’s adventures. Paul’s favorite things include the outdoors and his family, making fancy cocktails, drinking fancy cocktails, the TV show The Office, and wildflower identification.