Nicholas Curley

Nicholas Curley

Admissions Counselor

B.A. (Liberal Arts), Wyoming Catholic College

307-332-2930, ext. 1116

Nick recently graduated from Wyoming Catholic College in the class of 2017 and hails from the sandhills of South Carolina, where he would hunt, fish, and play music with his three brothers. Before coming to Wyoming Catholic, Nick spent two years working in public safety as an EMT and firefighter. He has led a number of outdoor trips for the college, and has been an instructor for two of the 21-day Freshman Expeditions. He has also worked as a prefect for student life. Nick is now very excited to enter a new chapter in his life as an admissions counselor for Wyoming Catholic College, and to help others pursue wisdom through the Great Books. He and his wife enjoy rock climbing in Sinks Canyon, reading, and exploring the rugged wilderness of Wyoming.

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