Kelsey Ball

Executive Assistant to the President and Cabinet

Kelsey was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming. An only child, she learned to keep herself busy with art, music, and the outdoors. She would spend weekends at the family ranch property in the northernmost section of the Medicine Bow range collecting flowers and learning to hunt and fish. 

Always a challenge seeker, she earned a scholarship out of state to Western Washington University. A quick turnaround from poli-sci ambitions took her in the direction of Outdoor Education and Tourism, in which she earned a degree. The backdrop of Puget Sound and the North Cascades rival no other, but the familiarity of terrain and people brought her back to the Rocky Mountains. 

After satiating the travel bug in the desert Southwest and West Coast (with a stint in South America), she set her sights on Lander, where she quickly grew to know and love the community. She landed a job at the brand-new Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce in 2018. There, she enjoyed visitors from all over the world, as well as the Lander business community. While she remains deeply invested in the economic and cultural health of Lander, Kelsey is grateful to work within the Wyoming Catholic College community and is honored to be welcomed so graciously. 

You will see Kelsey about town, on the trails, fishing, and attending local events in Lander, where she continues to find new pockets of culture: from rock climbing to fly fishing, watercolor to ceramics, banjo picking to farmers markets, and (of course) the vastness of Wyoming itself.

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