Kathryn Boucher

FOCUS Missionary, Montana State University

The Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) is a missionary program for recent college graduates designed to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to one of the most toxic and most influentially formative places in our country: the university campus. 

Evangelization, though not easy, is quite simple. It begins with the heart and the eyes of the missionary. A missionary’s heart — and every Christian has a call to be a missionary — must remain so close to Jesus’ Sacred Heart, that it loves what He loves, and breaks for what causes Him pain. When your heart beats with Jesus’, then your eyes will begin to see with His love — and the loving gaze of Jesus is what heals and restores. 

There is so much mindless entertainment, escapism, and noise (especially on a college campus) that keeps our hearts restlessly seeking fulfillment in anything but the Heart of Jesus. And though I admittedly struggle daily to unite my heart to His, spending four years without a cell phone, immersed in natural beauty, and learning how to contemplate the Good, the True, and the Beautiful was an incredibly restorative, purifying, and integrating experience. It softened my heart to the countless ways in which my Lord loves me, and showed me a way of  living “life to the full” (Jn 10:10) beyond what I knew was possible. Without the formation I received at Wyoming Catholic College, I would not have had an experience of what real life is — let alone the silence to hear Jesus’ personal call to mission, or the courage to respond to that call with a whole-hearted ‘yes’.