James Green

Janitorial Manager

B.A. (Liberal Arts), Wyoming Catholic College


James grew up in Indiana as an enthusiastic reader, mathematics and scientist hobbyist, and a self-admitted clean-freak headed for a career in aviation or physics. But then, God intervened when he fell in love with the Wyoming Catholic College mission of educating the mind, body, and spirit holistically at the college’s summer program and realized that God might be calling him to a different path, perhaps with less worldly success, but a more full, and free life.

Coming to Wyoming Catholic College in 2018, he put his attention to detail, desire for excellence, and love of the community to work through the school’s work-study program in janitorial during the school year and the Flex department over breaks, soon becoming a student janitorial supervisor responsible for a third of campus. Throughout college at WCC, from 4:30am until late at night, James energetically enjoyed running a janitorial team of eight, leading study groups to inspire his fellow students to become more excited about their education, writing hundreds of humorous short stories and articles, and taking people out on outdoor adventures around Lander. He believes that WCC’s unique education requires serious devotion and full commitment and was excited to do anything possible to help others grow to accept the challenge of taking WCC’s education seriously. James graduated magna cum laude from WCC in 2022 and was the recipient of the school’s Pope John Paul II award for best embodying the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

This year as janitorial manager, James is excited to continue to improve in leadership skills while inspiring a new class of students, beginning with helping janitorial employees to love and do their work well while simultaneously using it as a means to grow in the discipline necessary to get the most possible out of WCC’s unique education and ultimately become truly free. He hopes to continue to explore and have more outdoor adventures this year, meet local Landerites through small maintenance projects on the side, and continue to pursue opportunities to read and study on the way to graduate school and a long-term educational career in theology—should that still be God’s will, of course.