Emily Gecosky

Assistant Director of Admissions

B.A. (Liberal Arts), Wyoming Catholic College


o: (307) 332-2930, x. 1233; c: (734) 744-3536

Emily was raised in southeast Michigan, where the vibrant seasons, flowers and falling leaves, blazing sunsets, thunderstorms, open fields, and a giant German-gothic oratory taught her to be attentive to beauty. At first, she did not want to attend Wyoming Catholic College. As it turns out, the College became one of the very best gifts she has ever received.

Never having visited, her first experience of the school was the 21-day backpacking trip in the fall of 2018. While a student, she was a member of the College choir and the Byzantine choir, as well as an admissions assistant. She led several week-long trips in Wyoming’s mountains and Utah’s canyons. Countless tea parties were hosted in her dorm room, in both English and Latin. Most of all, she is grateful for becoming a part of the “Great Conversation,” and for being given the language and companionship needed to consider humanity’s oldest and newest questions.

Upon graduating in May 2022, she moved to Phoenix, AZ to pursue teaching with four other ladies from her class, and was providentially re-routed back to Wyoming Catholic afterwards. Emily is delighted to return to admissions in order to extend the riches of this exceedingly wonderful education to others. When not in the office, she enjoys creative pursuits such as watercolor and acrylic painting, calligraphy, reading, studying foreign languages, writing, music, cooking, graphic design, and occasionally sewing altar cloths.